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Denny Jay : The Divine Wind pilots were not ordered to dir...they were volunteers.
andrefrbk : German military was just so much better. Ass holes... But they could fight. 
john hunter : "tyranny and freedom" haha good one
Bryan Lew : I'm shocked, but also not shocked that the low level SS and Nazi facilitators, like the ones interviewed in this film, were not prosecuted. They were allowed to live their lives as free men post WWII. Taking orders, or being a low-level clog in the Nazi program of hatred and genocide should not go unpunished. These people could have gone into hiding or joined rebellions, but no, they decided to support and facilitate Nazi programs. The type of "reluctant" Nazi employment that these people engaged in, times 100,000 people is what allowed and promulgated the Nazi agenda. 
Thomas Bangalter : Can I ever watch a doc without assholes arguing about superpowers? I mean who the fuck cares? Seriously Youtube comments no matter where I go give me some mad fucking brain cancer.
Julius Caesar : Such a horrid war. Rather than unite, the sons of Rome would rather fight.
Intelligent American : This is why BBC documentaries are my favorite; they are the least biased, portraying the evils and heroism of both the Allies and the Axis, and actually behave like a documentary rather than a documentized '70s action movie.
Krixig : If you examine the history of Germany and Prussia in particular going all the way back to the Thirty Years War, you can see that WW1 and subsequently WW2 was a direct result of French and British greed. The German unification under Bismarck created an industrial behemoth that upset the already dying monopoly on imperialism possessed by the two. Furthermore, Bismarck was massive proponent of European goodwill and set about a period of peace on the continent that was unheard of. Prussia was, unbeknownst to just about all of mankind, to be one of the first to give Jews equal rights and societal acceptance. But naturally, good things never last and it was because of foreign wheeling and dealing to leverage power away from the Germans. The French in particular were the most greasy and pathetic as they indirectly mentioned that they'd be open to invading Germany during its impending clash with Russia in its aid to Austria ( Not to mention the repugnant Treaty of Versailles issued after WW1 ) . This is what prompted Frederick to attack them and the series of unfortunate events that transpired afterwards. The people had been a whipping post for a hundred years despite goodwill and ingenuity and lo', the transgressors slept in the bed they made. That's my two bits anyways.

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